Web Marketing

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In todays competitive market it is vital that your website doesnt just stand out from the crowd, but is able to continually grow and attract new traffic. It requires a sustained campaign to achieve your ambitious on-line marketing goals and each unique business requires an individually tailored strategy, if it is to be successful.

Dot.Inc Solutions offers a comprehensive Web Marketing package that successfully combines engaging content and ingenious marketing techniques to continually promote your business and maintain your high profile on-line presence. And we ensure that your website is not only high up in the ranks, but consistently converts visitors into customers, guaranteeing an excellent return on investment. Our top team of creative marketing specialists are dedicated to providing your marketing requirements with a flair and expertise unsurpassed in the industry.

Dot.Inc Solutions helps small to medium size businesses achieve their online marketing targets and achieve impressive results.

Search Engine Services

In a rapidly and constantly evolving world of complex technology, it is vital that you have committed resources tirelessly dedicated to ensuring your website ranks higher in the search engines, than those of your competitors.

Dot.Inc Solutions provides a holistic set of Search Engine Services that first seek to understand the specific needs of your business and its target audience, before significantly increasing your on-line presence. We utilize a range of industry recognized and proven techniques to maximize your visibility, including Search Engine Optimization and Search Engine Marketing.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Are your customers finding it difficult to find your website? Are you struggling to move out of Google oblivion? You can dramatically improve your visibility and increase your rankings with our cutting edge Search Engine Optimization services. Dont forget, the higher your ranking, the more likely you win the customer and ultimately beat the competition.

Dot.Inc Solutions understands that most customers dont have the skills or expertise to configure complex web technology themselves, nor the time required to create effective SEO content. Thats why we have our own, specialized team of industry leading SEO technicians, that are highly experienced in both optimizing the backend of your website and creating engaging, keyword optimized content for the frontend. We focus on making your website as search engine friendly as possible, to guarantee an increase in traffic and a higher rank.

Keyword Identification, Keyword Density, Meta Tags and Back-linking are just some of the tricks of the marketing trade that we have up our sleeves so, let our experts weave their magic, leaving you free to concentrate on running a successful business!

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Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

Dot.Inc Solutions believes in a holistic approach to marketing your website and maximizing sales. To backup this philosophy we provide a comprehensive SEM solution to compliment our SEO Service.

We have a professional and extremely creative team of Search Engine Marketing specialists, dedicated to ensuring that your website consistently features high in the search rankings and attracts new business.

We offer a holistic selection of Banner Advertising and Pay per Click Advertising products that both target and draw valuable customers and create precious sales.

In an ever changing and complex world of technology, only we can ensure that your website has a sustained and powerful presence.

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Google Adwords

In todays tough economic climate, businesses must seize every opportunity to promote their products and services. Google Ad Words is an indispensable marketing tool that helps your company engage with potential clients by giving specific exposure to your target audience, in the exactly the right place, at precisely the right time.

Google Ads is an effective mechanism that strategically places highly relevant advertisements for your business, products and services on Google Search Results pages. Let Dot.Inc Solutions maximize your on-line presence and generate valuable customers and income for your business, via our Google Adwords service, today!

Lead Generation

Quality Lead generation begins with an in-depth knowledge of your target market and lead profile. Dot.Inc Solutions work closely with you, to understand your customer profile, before employing a sophisticated range of SEO & SEM techniques to regularly generate quality leads that convert into sales.

Let Dot.Inc Solutions do the legwork, leaving you free to close the deal!

Social Media Marketing

Dot.Inc Solutions specializes in providing a holistic set of tools that allow you to build business connections, share important information with your customers and effectively promote your organization.


Are you realizing the remarkable potential of this powerful marketing tool, that is already successfully promoting businesses around the world?

Dot.Inc Solutions can create, maintain and manage a dynamic and professional Facebook business page that actively promotes your company website and the services of your business. Facebook is an established marketing tool with unlimited advertising potential and a global audience.


Let Dot.Inc Solutions create and manage a Twitter account that connects you to your customers, whilst simultaneously building a search engine record of keywords relevant to your business and achieving a high profile internet presence.

In the right hands, Twitter is a powerful marketing tool that generates traffic to your website and keeps customers informed of news about your business, products and services.


Using a Linked In profile effectively allows you to tell your unique business story to a worldwide audience. Linked In provides an unparalleled mechanism to promote your companys history, track record and communicate your successes to a global market.

Dot.Inc Solutions are specialists in optimizing your Linked In profile to maximize both your brand and on-line presence to find out more about tapping into this exciting means of communication, contact us today.


Website Design

Our primary goal is to combine sophisticated website design and versatile functionality with engaging SEO content, to provide you with a stylish and optimized website that will create impact, generate traffic and ultimately increase your profits.

To find out more about our unique and comprehensive Website Design service, please contact us via our online request form for more information.

Landing Page design

First impressions really do count!

Your Landing Page is the first page that your website visitors see after clicking a link. It is, therefore, essential that your Landing Page is optimized to provide a clear and customized sales pitch for your particular business. A well crafted Landing Page will dramatically increase your chances of converting website visits into much needed sales.

Make sure your distinct message achieves a result every time, with the help of our specialist Landing Page Design Services.