Dot.Inc Solutions is a privately held company, providing a full range of technology-based services and solutions, focused exclusively on the small businesses and organizational market, in the following areas:

  • Web Site Design and Development Services
  • Internet Hosting Solutions
  • Site Management & Maintenance Services
  • Internet Marketing Initiatives
  • E-Commerce Applications
  • Training and Support

    At Dot.Inc Solutions, we have a precise mission, to serve a niche market; offering small to medium-sized businesses, and organizations, complete Internet strategies they can administer in-house. Dot.Inc Solutions provides extensive online training resources and tutorial components to meet the needs of those clients, and delivers complete satisfaction and effective results for the implementation efforts of technology into any organization.

    At Dot.Inc Solutions we’ve been creating professional Internet identities for our clients since 1996. We’ve seen steady growth each year, expanded our services, and have an aggressive plan in place as we move ahead over the next few years with new initiatives and improved services to better serve our many valued clients.

    The roots of Dot.Inc Solutions trace back to the creation of Hadley Online (, a local online community site established for the small New England town of Hadley, Massachusetts. After creating and publishing Hadley Online, numerous inquiries were received from area businesses looking to expand their business to the "limitless parameters" of the World Wide Web, creating a need for professional web design and hosting services. Adapting to this demand, we created Hadley Online Web Marketing & Design Services, later named Web Studio Designs. To compliment our design services, we soon launched our Internet hosting division, Pioneer Host Internet Solutions.

    On January 1, 2001, Pioneer Host Internet Solutions and Web Studio Designs officially merged to form, Dot.Inc Solutions, Incorporated, a professional Internet Strategies Consulting Firm.

  • Insights & Expertise

    We understand the small business and organizational market. Our products and services are designed to minimize costs while delivering a solution that exceeds the client’s expectations. We accomplish this through several strategic partnerships and relationships with complimentary firms and through efficient in-house development processes.

    Dot.Inc Solutions has Web and Internet expertise in several areas:

    • We are skilled in Web Design and Development processes. Our work has demonstrated to clients, as well as their customer-base, the effectiveness of simplicity and proper navigational structure throughout an Internet presence. We understand the essentials of presentation and layout, yielding better results for our clients and a more pleasing experience for their customers.
    • Our complete Internet Hosting Solutions provide our clients with the flexibility and capability they need in both maintaining and expanding their sites. Our servers are cutting edge and are backed by toll-free, 24-hour technical support directly to the Network Operations Center.
    • For our clients that opt not to manage their sites in-house, we have designed Maintenance Programs specifically tailored to be convenient and cost effective, alleviating your small business or organization from the day to day task of updating and expanding a web site.
    • Successfully initiating Internet Marketing Efforts for your online presence can prove vital to your success. Dot.Inc Solutions has several programs in place to assist in marketing your online venture, including professional Search Engine campaigns, strategic partnerships and affiliation development, and e-commerce promotional strategies.
    • For businesses looking to sell products or services over the web, requiring convenient E-Commerce Shopping Cart Capabilities for their site, Dot.Inc Solutions can implement a proprietary, cost-effective, e-commerce system to meet your needs.
    • As the majority of our clients opt to manage their web sites in-house, Dot.Inc Solutions provides extensive resources, both online and off, to assist our clients in successfully maintaining their web initiatives. Additional services include Personal Training in site management, General Consulting, and on-site Web Maintenance Programs.